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★★★★ - STUFF  - Having reinvigorated the familial horror with 2018's chilling Hereditary, writer-director Ari Aster now takes on another of the genre's traditional tropes – Americans' European misadventures. To be fair, much of the scene-setting bleakness actually takes place in the good old US of…
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Hillary: Ocean to Sky

★★★★ - STUFF  - Film-maker Michael Dillon has made this film once before. In 1977, Dillon was a member of Sir Edmund Hillary's Ocean to Sky expedition. On the team's return to New Zealand, Dillon assembled a good and unusually thoughtful documentary film of the adventure. From the Ocean to the Sky…
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★★★★ - ROLLING STONE  - Ari Aster is a bold new voice in psychological horror, the kind that messes ruthlessly with your head. He proved that last year with Hereditary, featuring Toni Colette in one of cinema’s most memorable meltdowns. And now, with the hypnotic and haunting Midsommar, he ventures…
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JoJo Rabbit

★★★★½ - STUFF  - Jojo Rabbit: Taika's fabulous farce and Fuhrerness-filled World War II tale -  Map reading, war games and blowing stuff up. The Hitler Youth's Special Training Weekend offers a plethora of exciting of activities for a 10-year-old fan of the Fuhrer. But it's also a potential…
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★★★★ - STUFF  - Around this time of year, the people who think far too much about these things start to pencil in their Oscar shortlists. My own is currently up to two. I'll be amazed if Joaquin Phoenix doesn't get a nod for best actor for his work in Joker. Phoenix has been perfecting his…
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JoJo Rabbit

★★★★★ - Newshub  - Taika Waititi’s use of comedy as a gateway to the heart is his speciality, and never has he used it with such profoundly potent efficacy as he does with JoJo Rabbit. In the final stages of WWII, 10-year-old Johannes 'Jojo' Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) lives with his mum Rosie…
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"This energetic account of the life of the electrifying Cuban never shies away from the truth about his tough upbringing" - THE GUARDIAN - This energetic, emotionally reflective movie follows the rise of the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta from scrappy juvenile tearaway to ballet superstar. It’s…
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★★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN - Joaquin Phoenix provides a comic-book hero for the left behind with Joker, a brilliantly insurrectionist origins story that landed like a firecracker in the midst of this year’s Venice film festival. Playing the role of Cain to the sunny Abel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,…
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Florianopolis Dream

★★★★★ - STUFF  - Sometime in the very latter years of last century, in that brief moment in the epoch in which one could wear a Nirvana T-shirt, but not own a cellphone, parents Pedro and Lucrecia and their teenagers Flor' and Julian have decided to take a vacation. They drive from their native…
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Camino Skies

The pain in Spain: Camino Skies star Terry Wilson sees the trek as a 'metaphor for life'  - Camino Skies is a story of life, love and loss on the Camino de Santiago.  - Heading into a village along the Camino De Santiago in northern Spain, Terry Wilson was stopped by an unusually chatty old man.  …
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★★★★★ - STUFF Back in 1896, HG Wells wrote – in the serial novel The Time Machine – of a distant, future Earth in which humans had evolved into two, distinct species. There were the small, effete and basically useless Eloi, who lived above the ground. And the brutish, cunning Morlocks, who…
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★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN Bong Joon-ho has returned to Cannes with a luxuriously watchable and satirical suspense drama. It runs as purringly smooth as the Mercedes driven by the lead character, played by Korean star Song Kang-ho. Parasite is a bizarre black comedy about social status, aspiration,…
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