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"a sharp and witty narrative... a genuinely thought-provoking commentary"


- Steve Coogan excels as morally bankrupt fashion boss in new satire - 

Steve Coogan stars as morally ­bankrupt fashion empire boss Sir Richard ­McCreadie in this timely satirical comedy from prolific writer/director Michael Winterbottom. 

Nicknamed ‘Greedy’ McCreadie by the press, Sir Richard has made a name for himself, and a whole lot of dough, by buying up bankrupt chain stores on the cheap, then stripping them of their assets.

Winterbottom has made no secret that McCreadie is based on retail billionaire and Topshop owner Sir Philip Green.

Greed centres around a lavish toga party at a luxury Greek resort to celebrate McCreadie’s 60th birthday.

Those attending include the mogul’s shrewd ex-wife Samantha (Isla Fisher), his enabling mother Margaret (an outstanding Shirley Henderson) and a host of assorted celebrity hangers-on.

Amidst frantic preparations for the bash, news of McCreadie’s recent appearance before an MPs’ Commons committee over some underhand practices results in his celebrity guests ­dropping like flies.

Meanwhile, a group of Syrian refugees have landed on a nearby beach and are refusing to leave.

Winterbottom takes no prisoners in his representation of the vulgarity of the tax-avoiding mega-rich. Opting for a mockumentary style, he and co-writer Sean Gray provide a sharp and witty narrative crammed with cutting one-liners.

The result is a genuinely thought-provoking commentary on the global inequalities between ultra-wealthy high street bosses and the textile workers in ­developing countries.

Permatanned and with suitably ridiculous dentistry, Coogan has his subject down to a T. As McCreadie he is brash, petulant and shows little consideration for anyone else.

David Mitchell gives a strong performance as McCreadie’s eternally bewildered biographer, Nick, a man so far removed from his subject’s world that he makes a good job of representing the rest of us.

Complete with cameos from the likes of Stephen Fry and Colin Firth, this superbly acted satire pulls no punches in its depiction of excess and inequality.


GREED is now playing at Light House Cinema! 


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