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"wonderfully well-assembled, performed and written"

★★★★ - STUFF 

- A perfectly drawn slice of humanity, honestly shared - 

In present day Bogotá, Silvia is having what we might all recognise as a particularly bloody awful few weeks.

Her mother, who she enjoys a prickly and combative relationship with, is going downhill fast with cancer. At work, where Silvia is a legal counsel to a quite-probably corrupt official, an enquiry is threatening to send her career up in flames and possibly even end with Silvia doing time. At home, her son is being bullied and harassed for not having a Dad around the house.

So, when Silvia is tormented by a vastly self-satisfied journalist, who later flirts with her at a party, are we actually surprised that Silvia actually finds the vaguely oafish Abel attractive, and then starts a tentative relationship with him? People in miserable situations do make lousy choices, as we all know. 

Franco Lolli's second feature – after 2014's lovely Gente de Bien – is a sharply and compassionately observed moment in time, unfolding in an all-too-relatable way.

First-time actor Carolina Sanín – she is also Lolli's cousin – brings a world-weariness to the lead that every working single parent will relate to, while keeping her fury at the indignities of her workplace and the complicated palette of emotions her mother's mortality is unearthing, at a low smoulder.

Litigante is a wonderfully well-assembled, performed and written piece of work. It's not always easy to watch, but the sheer insight and intelligence on display here lifts it far above the gruelling or exhausting ride this same story could have yielded in lesser hands.

Go, and revel in a perfectly drawn slice of humanity, honestly shared.

- Graeme Tuckett, STUFF 

Litigante is now playing at Light House Cinema! 
(In Spanish with English subtitles) 


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