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Lady Bird

★★★★1/2 - THE DOMINION POST  - Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson is a bright, slightly geeky teenager from what she wryly refers to as “the wrong side of the tracks” in Sacramento, California. It is 2002, the world and everything in it are in a state of turmoil and flux. Lady Bird takes place over...
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Black Panther

★★★★ – THE DOMINION POST  - True story. About 650 years ago the West African nation of Mali was one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries on Earth. Mali more or less controlled the supply of gold and salt to half the known world. While my ancestors in England were squabbling with the Scots...
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Phantom Thread

★★★★★ – THE DOMINION POST  - We're in London, sometime in the 1950s. Reynolds Woodcock is a dressmaker to royalty and the seriously wealthy. He shares his townhouse and studio with his sister Cyril and a slow procession of lovers – perhaps – and companions. The latest of whom is a young...
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Phantom Thread

★★★★★ – THE GUARDIAN  - A brilliant English couturier of the postwar age: fastidious and cantankerous, humourless and preposterous – and heterosexual, in that pre-Chatterley era when being a bachelor and fashion designer wasn’t automatically associated in the public mind with anything else. Daniel...
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I, Tonya

★★★★1/2 - THE DOMINION POST - You'd be hard pressed to have made it through the 1990s without knowing about "Tonya vs. Nancy" and the infamous knee-capping incident. Even in my relatively sports-ambivalent household, everyone had heard of a triple axel. With all the drama surrounding this Snow...
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The Shape of Water

★★★★★ - THE DOMINION POST  - I am in love with a portly 53-year-old Mexican man with a scraggly beard and an impenetrable accent. It's been this way since 2002, when I was scribbling reviews for a late and much-lamented free weekly paper. I took it upon myself to see Blade 2 and pretty quickly...
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Darkest Hour

★★★★½ - STUFF No disrespect to either John Lithgow or Brian Cox, but this is the Winston Churchill performance from the past year to you need to see. Gary Oldman has already picked up a Golden Globe and it's hard to see anyone stopping him from adding a plethora of other gongs before the end of...
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The Post

★★★★ - STUFF Meticulously crafted, perfectly paced and brilliantly acted, the only thing that lets this terrific 1970s-set thriller down is too many ideas. That could be a result of a rapid-fire production, or 2017's constantly changing landscape, but The Post seems caught between wanting to be a...
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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

★★★★ - THE DOMINION POST  If you've seen the trailer, you'd be forgiven for thinking this latest slice of black comedy from In Bruges' Martin McDonagh is simply a swear-fest featuring Fargo's magnificent Frances McDormand, and you'd be partly right. She is magnificent, and there sure is a lot of...
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Call Me By Your Name

★★★★★  - STUFF The perfect setting (a villa in Northern Italy), perfect writing (screenplay by James Ivory of Merchant Ivory fame, who is nearly 90 and seems to be re-entering the film business after a long absence) and perfect performances, from the whole cast, but notably its two male leads – Cal...
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All the Money in the World

★★★★ - STUFF What with all the hullabaloo about the post-production excision of Kevin Spacey from All the Money in the World, it's become too easy to become blinded to the already ambitious and sprawling film director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Prometheus, American Gangster) had created before he...
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

★★★★ - THE DOMINION POST  - Remake, sequel, reboot, reimagining – call it what you will – this return to the world of Chris Van Allsburg's much-loved 1981 picture book is actually better than anyone could have hoped. Director Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard, Bad Teacher) and a quartet of other writers have...
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