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Dicks: The Musical

- Megan Thee Stallion shines alongside stars and writers Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp - If you see one movie this year, make it Dicks: The Musical, if only because you genuinely won’t see anything else like it. What other movie can give you a “Parent Trap”-esque story of twins trying to get their…
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★★★★★ - The Guardian - Timothée Chalamet is charm itself as the young Wonka - On paper, it is the worst possible idea: a new musical-prequel origin myth for Willy Wonka, the reclusive top-hatted chocolatier from Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who decides in…
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The Old Oak

★★★★ - Stuff - a tiny crew, a cast of mostly unknowns and an eye as honest and undimmed as ever - Ken Loach is a global treasure. The Old Oak won't even be remembered as one of his greats. But if it is, as he claims, the last film in an unrepeatable career, then he is surely going out with all…
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★★★★★ - The Guardian  - Ridley Scott dispenses with the symbolic weight attached to previous biopics in favour of a spectacle with a great star at its centre- Many directors have tried following Napoleon where the paths of glory lead, and maybe it is only defiant defeat that is really glorious.…
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★★★★★ - Telegraph  - The 2023 London Film Festival opener echoes Brideshead and The Talented Mr Ripley – and it's just the shot in the arm British cinema needs -  Dead relly… dead relly… dead relly’s teddy,” drawls Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), pointing out the portraits of his ancestors hanging in…
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Eric Ravilious: Drawn to War

★★★★ - STUFF  - Now celebrated as one of Britain’s greatest painters, Eric Ravilious and his work was all but forgotten in the second-half of the 20th Century -  Now celebrated as one of Britain’s greatest painters, Eric Ravilious and his works were all but forgotten in the second-half of the 20th…
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★★★★★ - STUFF  - A little donkey goes a long way in a special, subjective, unrepeatable film -  We are in Poland, in the present day – or thereabouts. At a travelling circus, parked outside a small town, a small and expressive donkey is dragooned into pulling a cart of scrap metal from the circus…
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Ms. Information

★★★★½ - STUFF  - Ms. Information is essential -  When Covid arrived, director Gwen Isaac was already working with Dr. Siouxsie Wiles, gathering interviews and shots towards a planned documentary about the microbiologist and communicator. As the world was upended, Isaac found herself with a unique…
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Killers of the Flower Moon

★★★★★ - NEWSHUB  - When Hollywood icon Martin Scorsese releases a new film, it should be illegal not to go and see it -  His latest movie wowed the Cannes Film Festival and it's called Killers of the Flower Moon. Scorsese is a masterful storyteller, and he likes to take his time. So, settle in…
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Anatomy of a Fall

★★★★ - STUFF  - The Palme d'Or winner that will keep you gripped until the final frames -  While perhaps the least provocative and controversial Palme d’Or winner since 2018’s Shoplifters, French director Justine Triet’s expertly crafted courtroom drama is also notable for being the first film to…
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★★★★½ - STUFF  - Thoroughly entertaining '80s-set dramedy deserves to be seen by Kiwis of all ages -  I was reminded of my own somewhat conflicted and complicated youthful relationship with “New Zealand’s national obsession” while watching Hamish Bennett (Bellbird) and Paul Middleditch’s (Separati…
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A Great Friend

★★★½ - STUFF  - Appealing cuisine and countryside lift latest French buddy comedy -  Vincent (Lambert Wilson) is the urbane founder of Europe’s largest dating site and a man once voted the continent’s sexist entrepreneur. Pierre (Gregory Gadebois) is a marine biologist who has retreated to the…
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