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★★★★ - STUFF  - This Marvel is a global, inclusive, self-aware swing at the superhero genre -  We are in the “present day”, which, in Eternals means around five years after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The world's population has been restored, Tony Stark is still incontrovertibly gone and…
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The Many Saints Of Newark

★★★★ - EMPIRE  - In 1967, the Moltisanti family experience turbulence, partly due to racially motivated riots, partly due to off-the-rails criminal activity. Meanwhile, young Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini) attends school while feeling the pull of a shadier lifestyle. David Chase is the capo of…
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★★★★★ - NEWSHUB  - Charlotte Rampling in formidable form in must-see Juniper -  A New Zealand film with a cinematic icon front and centre arrives in cinemas this week after a COVID-19 delay. It's called Juniper and it stars British actress Charlotte Rampling. What a treat. Oscar nominee and…
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Ron's Gone Wrong

★★★★ - NEWSHUB  - Ron's Gone Wrong is a kids' film with big messages for the whole family -  Disney's latest big-screen animation Ron's Gone Wrong arrives in level 2 cinemas this week with comedian Zach Galifinakis in the voice booth as the lead character of Ron. It's a kids' movie, with some big…
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The Last Duel

★★★★ - THE TELEGRAPH  - Medieval drama with a piquant MeToo edge and bone-splintering climax -  Ridley Scott's latest pits Matt Damon's and Adam Driver's noblemen against each other, with Jodie Comer as the woman trapped in their feud. In 14th-century France, two men stand in an arena, clad in…
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★★★★ - STUFF  - A richly satisfying, soup-to-nuts look at a larger-than-life culinary icon -  This endearing and enlightening soup-to-nuts tale beautifully captures the essence of a truly larger-than-life figure. Through her cookbooks and TV shows, Julia Child introduced homemakers to the joy of…
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Becoming Cousteau

★★★★★ - STUFF  - He was the aquatic answer to both Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir David Attenborough. The French sea adventurer who brought the ocean into our living rooms. The man who invented the aqualung and helped developed underwater photography, so he could share with the world what he was…
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★★★★ - STUFF  - Iceland’s dark answer to Stuart Little is a film not easily forgotten -  Despite the title and its country of origin, this is not a prequel or sequel to 2015’s Rams.  Yes, it’s a cleverly crafted rural Icelandic tale of sheep farming, few words and fraternal tensions shot in the…
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Persian Lessons

★★★★ - DAILY MAIL  - A nailbiting any language -  Of a pair of foreign-language thrillers newly available today, Persian Lessons is easily the pick: it’s a hugely compelling, highly original Holocaust drama, billed as Belarusian though it unfolds mostly in German, and said to have been…
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No Time To Die

★★★★ - STUFF  - A truly cinematic spectacle that farewells Daniel Craig in style -  “If we don’t do this, there will be nothing left to save.” It’s a line that has resonated with me ever since I first heard it on the final trailer for James Bond’s 25th official outing a few months ago. It’s felt…
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The Rose Maker

★★★½ - STUFF  - A formulaic slice of French fun with just a touch of added grit -  There must come a time when we collectively realise, all European rom-coms about plucky outsiders winning against the odds, while surrounded by some of the world's most toothsome and bucolic landscapes, have left…
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★★★★★ - LONDON EVENING STANDARD  - A bonkers and totally brilliant musical laced in sardonic humour -  Star Wars legend Adam Driver has panache up the kazoo and will soon be striking a magnificent pose in two Ridley Scott films (one of them the hotly anticipated House of Gucci). But Driver’s just…
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