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Film Reviews

Love Sarah

★★★½ STUFF  - It was supposed to be a day of celebration. The morning when Sarah (Candice Brown) and her best friend Isabella (Shelley Conn) finally achieved their goal of opening a bakery together. But although the latter just thought her more creative friend was running a little late, it turned…
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★★★½ - DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD DAILY  - The other Eisenberg entry this week is more worthwhile, if at times unflinchingly hard to watch. Resistance is a true story, largely unknown even to those in France where it takes place, and stars Eisenberg as none other than a young Marcel Marceau. That is…
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The Trip to Greece

★★★★ - STUFF  - After sampling the cuisines of the Lakes District and the lands of La Dolce Vitaand The Man of La Mancha, Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are back for a fourth and allegedly final course of gastronomic delights and competitive celebrity mimicry. This time their battleground is not the…
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In Fabric

★★★★½ - STUFF  - Why you've never seen anything like this 1970s-set comedy horror -  We're in London, sometime in the 1970s.  Recently divorced Sheila (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is out, maybe looking for a few new items for her wardrobe as she flings herself into the slow-motion humiliations of…
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In Fabric

★★★★★ - TIME OUT  - A funny, troubling fusion of English retail comedy and Euro slasher -  As if more evidence were needed that Peter Strickland was modern Britain’s answer to Luis Buñuel, his new film is a nerve-mangling surrealist nightmare about the January sales in Reading. Strickland has long…
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Master Cheng

★★★½ - STUFF  - Fish-out-of-water tales have been a globally popular comedic sub-genre ever since movie-making began. From It Happened One Night to Roman Holiday, Back to the Future, Crocodile Dundee, Pleasantville and The Intouchables, stories about characters fumbling their way through scenarios…
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★★★★½ - STUFF  - The cheapest point any film reviewer in the world is going to score this year, is to drop a line into any review of Monos, comparing it to William Golding's Lord of the Flies. Of course, the comparison is valid. Director Alejandro Landes (Porfirio) even gifts us a quick shot of a…
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The Assistant

★★★★½ - STUFF  - Ozark's Julia Garner shines in troubling, compelling #MeToo movie -  It was Jane’s (Julia Garner) dream job.  Working as an assistant for the New York-film company that had created such hits as The Remaining and The Wonderful Mr Wright was just the stepping stone she needed as a…
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★★★★★ - STUFF  - It's hardly a bonus of Covid-19, but with very few films being made available for cinemas to show, there are some unexpected treats finding space on the big screen that might otherwise have gone undistributed and unremarked. So, as well as welcome repeat runs for Parasite, Knives…
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The Assistant

★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN  - Julia Garner excels as a junior assistant to a predatory media mogul boss in Kitty Green’s powerfully understated #MeToo drama -  A performance of few words but immense physical eloquence by Julia Garner anchors this impressively chilling #MeToo-era drama about workplace…
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★★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN  - Cornish film-maker Mark Jenkin’s breakthrough feature is a thrillingly adventurous labour of love – a richly textured, rough-hewn gem in which form and content are perfectly combined. A refreshingly authentic tale of tensions between locals and tourists in a once-thriving…
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Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN - Nick Broomfield’s riveting documentary gives us a vivid snapshot of the early 1960s and a complicated, mysterious love story. In this era, the poet and future music star Leonard Cohen fell in love with a beautiful and sensitive Norwegian woman called Marianne Ihlen on the…
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