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Ka Whawhai Tonu

★★★★ - STUFF - A welcome depiction of some indelible New Zealand history - When I was a teenager growing up in the Waikato, history was the only school subject I was really interested in. I did enough to get by in the others, but history grabbed me. We learned about the Russian revolution,…
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Inside Out 2

★★★★ - EMPIRE - All seems happy in the life of Riley (Kensington Tallman) and her emotions. But things take a disastrous turn with the onset of puberty and the arrival of a new collective, including the controlling Anxiety (Maya Hawke) - Of all the Pixar films to follow up, Inside Out seems the…
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The Promised Land

★★★★★ - STUFF - Mad Mikkelsen (Another Round) headlines this award-winning 18th Century-set Danish biopic of war hero Ludvig Kahlen - Proud, ambitious, but improverished, he arrives in Jutland with the aim of taming a vast, uninhabitable area on which seemingly nothing can grow. Based on Ida…
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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

★★★★ - STUFF - Furiosa: This Road meets Road Runner brings the Joy- I'm a big believer in watching films in the way they are supposed to be seen. I run out of patience pretty quickly with anyone who tries to corner me at a party with some tedious nonsense about how they didn't like Dune or…
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★★★★★ - EMPIRE -Meeting as teenagers, three ambitious tennis players embark on a journey of lust, love and ruinous competition. Game on- Skin glimmers in Challengers. Tongues entwine, sweat drips. Dicks dangle. Spit is spat. In faces. Luca Guadagnino likes to get up close and personal. Of late he…
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The Fall Guy

★★★★ - GUARDIAN -Two fantastic movie star turns lead this loving and supremely entertaining ode to stunt work based on the 80s TV series- Before The Fall Guy even premiered at the SXSW film festival on Tuesday, there were boos in the audience – not for the film or stars Ryan Gosling and Emily…
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Back to Black

★★★★ - GUARDIAN -Woozy Amy Winehouse biopic buoyed by extraordinary lead performance- The last time Sam Taylor-Johnson directed a movie about drugs it was A Million Little Pieces in 2019, based on James Frey’s notoriously inauthentic memoir of addiction – and the last time she made a film about a…
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Wicked Little Letters

★★★★ - THE GUARDIAN  - The true tale of a foul-mouthed scribbler in 1920s Sussex is given nuance by a stellar cast including Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Anjana Vasan and Timothy Spall -  Before X or Twitter or even YouTube, if you wanted to vent your rage at an unjust world on a blameless…
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